[pro]Test! Morava

Group of skilled professionals

We are a group of senior professionals in the area of Testing and Quality Assurance and SW Engineering, operating primarily in Brno (Olomouc, Zlín and Ostrava in near future).

We build a community for the unsung heroes of software development.

We meet face to face regularly.

We closely cooperate with [pro]Test! communities in Prague and Bratislava.

2016 Meetups Calendar

2016-06-30 18:30 (Thursday): Effective Visualisation of Test results [CZ] (venue: Kiwi.com)


Autumn 2016: TestCrunch 2016 [CZ] (venue: Brno)

Platform for sharing experiences

We build a platform enabling skilled professionals within the domain to share their knowledge and experience.

We focus on improving software quality throughout the software development lifecycle.

We enable to discuss very specific topics and validate ideas in early stages.

[pro]Test! Morava Membership

Membership in the community is free.

The community is focused on experienced Quality Managers and senior Quality Engineers. Experiences are welcomed.

There are simple criteria for new members: you are a QA professional with known identity (able to give speeches on various topics) or you have a guarantor from the community (principle of recommendation).

[pro]Test! Morava wants to guarantee high Quality

If you need a training ... sorry, this community is not for you. We support discussion.

If you want to make a business ... <role> you work as a consultant </role> ... sorry, this community is not for you. Presentations about tools and services must be approved.

If you are looking for professionals ... <role> you are a personalist or recruiter </role> ... sorry, this community is not for you.

[pro]Test! Morava - Values

We want to discuss openly. Please respect information sensitivity.

We do not represent companies, but we represent personalities.

Discussions, not training. There is not only one ultimate solution.

[pro]Test! Morava contacts

LinkedIn: [pro]Test! Morava

email: protest.morava@yes4Q.com